Monthly Book Boxes

A Pages & Playlist subscription box is a fantastic way to treat yourself to all the feels that romance books are giving while receiving a thoughtful unboxing and curated reading experience. All without you having to spend your time or energy searching for a good book or the special bookish accompaniments that make for an enthralling experience.

In Each Box...

  • An enjoyable book

    Recently-released, positively-rated, and semi-popular adult paperback book

  • A curated playlist

    Music playlist that vibes with the book

  • Bookish merch

    Three to four cool items that relate to the story

  • Annotation goods

    So you can revisit your favorite lines or spicy scenes over and over

  • A bookmark & book sleeve

    Matching the book and keeping your book in prime condition on the go

  • Our book club guide & journal prompts

    Spark discussion in your book club or reflection in your book journal. Plus, join our group for conversation and community