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Our story

Hi! I'm Kayla, owner and curator of Pages & Playlist.

I started this monthly subscription box to help others treat themselves to all the feels that romance books have to give and to deliver a thoughtful and curated unboxing and reading experience, all without you having to spend your time searching for a good book or the fun bookish accoutrements that make a reading experience elevated and special.

As a story-lover, music-viber, and haver of an imagination-thats-way-too-effective-for-my-own-good, I love nothing more than immersing myself in a book. Walking through new worlds and falling in love (and in spice...) right alongside a main character are my favorite activities and will often lead me to staying up reading throughout the tiny hours of the night. My days are peppered with oversharing about the book I'm reading to anyone who will listen, walking with my howling husky pup, Hazel, and visiting all the local food and drink haunts in my PNW neighborhood.

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