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With a theme like betrayal, better get your box of tissues, bump those angsty beats, and brandish your best offenses because of course we’re off to avenge these book babes! Okay, we’ll hold off on that because surely they’ll sort it out themselves. Right? RIGHT?

The fantasy romance book is an enthralling high fantasy read featuring a magical MM romance between a sad, vicious assassin and the roguish, playboy prince, who just so happens to be his mark. Couple that predicament with cheeky animal companions, blood magic, and sweet-as-heck moments where the prince actually comforts his assassin, this delicious and gut-wrenching slow burn will get you right in the feels.

The contemporary romance book is a sweeping Tristan and Isolde retelling where a sweet bébé bodyguard not only falls for his (so-beyond-morally-grey) devilish boss…but perhaps also falls right into the forbidden with his boss’s bride to be. Boasting several single kisses that had us nearly exploding out of our skin (and then scenes well beyond a single kiss, book’s a kinky one, y’all) this read gives you a (few) blazing & angsty romance(s) that will have you captivated until the very last page. 

Bring on the betrayal! Wait, no, we didn’t really mean that, but..

Our June Fantasy Romance pick:

Prince and Assassin by Tavia Lark

He’s supposed to kill Prince Julien. Not fall for him.

Whisper doesn’t remember his real name. All he knows is the elite assassin guild that raised him—and controls him with the threat of blood magic. Plagued by nightmares, he doesn’t get to refuse assignments, even when his new job doesn’t make sense:

Infiltrate Prince Julien’s court, protect him until the signal arrives, then kill him.

Julien hides his own schemes behind a sordid reputation. He trusts nobody besides his brothers, and he certainly doesn’t trust the aloof, beautiful new stranger at court. But he doesn’t have to trust the stranger to be drawn to him, especially when he saves Julien’s life.

Then Julien saves Whisper too, and Whisper’s reserve shatters.

Beneath Julien’s playboy facade is a warmth Whisper can’t resist. Whisper’s never been comforted before. He’s never been cared for like this. As his nightmares darken, Julien’s touch is his only solace—but falling in love could ruin them both.

Because Whisper’s mission hasn’t changed, and the price for failure is worse than death.

You can expect:

  • dual POV
  • forced proximity
  • "Then be selfish, Your Highness."

Content warnings:

  • assassin-typical violence
  • past child abuse
  • light Dom/sub
  • sexually explicit content
  • If there is a particular content theme that is triggering for you, we suggest doing additional research on the title to ensure your mental health.

Note: The books in this box will include signed bookplates and the playlist will include special author-selected tracks!


Our June Contemporary Romance pick:

Salt Kiss by Sierra Simone

Tristan Thomas is lost. After leaving the army, the young former soldier is in limbo. Until, that is, he’s hired by Mark Trevena, the owner of Lyonesse—DC’s ultra-secret club—to be Mark’s new bodyguard. He’s drawn into Mark’s dark, seductive world of power and desire, and to Mark himself, even though Mark is everything Tristan knows he shouldn’t want: cruel and wicked and shamelessly amoral.

But protecting Mark isn’t Tristan’s only duty. Soon, Mark asks him to guard his bride-to-be as she travels home from Ireland on Mark’s yacht. Tristan is hurt to learn that the object of his obsession is engaged, but the former soldier in him is made to obey orders…and Isolde Laurence is nothing like Tristan expected.

Young, quiet, and sharp, Isolde is being pushed into this marriage by her family. And as the two travel back to America, Tristan grows fascinated by the glimpses he gets of the lonely but determined woman behind the stoic reserve. And one night, while sailing under the cold stars, they share a searing kiss.

From there, it’s a fast fall into the forbidden for all three of them. But in Mark Trevena’s world, the fall is only the beginning…

You can expect:

  • antihero(es)
  • forbidden romance(s)
  • "Making me need it."

 Content warnings:

  • death recounted
  • PTSD
  • panic attacks
  • perceived cheating
  • sexually explicit content
  • violence and murder
  • war flashbacks
  • If there is a particular content theme that is triggering for you, we suggest doing additional research on the title to ensure your mental health.

Additional explicit themes:

  • Dom/sub

  • breeding kink
  • bondage
  • kink club setting
  • impact play
  • voyeurism 
  • wax play

Note: The books in this box will include signed bookplates, the playlist will include special author-selected tracks, and the author has contributed a few additional goodies to each box!

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