Book Boxes

When will I know what the monthly book and theme are?
On the 15th of each month we will announce through email, on our social media channels, and on The Bookshelf (the Pages & Playlist blog) what the next month's book and theme are for both the Contemporary Romance box and the Fantasy Romance box.

If you are already a subscriber, you will have until the last day of the month to make adjustments to your upcoming shipment. Let's say, if you’ve already read the book you can easily route shipping to gift the box to a friend or skip that month right from your customer portal.

If you are not yet a subscriber, you have until the last day of the month to subscribe and receive the next month’s book. Or you can purchase a single month's box.
How do you choose what book, songs, and merch items are included each month?
It's all about the vibes, baby! We choose books that are up and coming and are being well reviewed in the romance genre - and we read every book ourselves to be sure it checks all the boxes, including story, spice and season. From there, the playlist is created based on the feelings of the book. And to top off the experience the merch items are chosen to bring the story to life.
Will the books contain spice?
The million dollar question - YES. All books will contain beyond steamy scenes with explicit, on the page spice. We won't give a spice rating for the book because we know how personal and subjective that is to each reader, but you can and should expect spice. 
Will you choose books that focus on all kinds of relationships?
Absolutely! You can expect books to span many kinds of relationships, including LGBTQ+ and polyamory. Themes will be shared in the monthly book reveal. 
Will content and trigger warnings be shared?
Your mental health and headspace are incredibly important to us. On the 15th of each month, when we announce the upcoming monthly book and theme, we will include the content and trigger warnings on The Bookshelf, Pages & Playlist’s blog. If there is a particular content theme that is triggering for you, we suggest doing additional research on the title to ensure your mental health.


When will my first box ship and when will I be charged?
You will be charged for your first month's box the day you order it, and you'll receive the next month's box (our boxes ship on the 10th of each month). We hope it's insta-love! Your recurring charges will occur on the 1st the month starting the month following your first box. For example, if you ordered the August box on July 7, you will be charged on July 7 and will not be charged again until September 1 for the September box.
How do my recurring payments work?
You will be charged on the day you make the first purchase, and then the month after you receive your first box you will be charged on the 1st for your next box. You will continue to be charged on the 1st of each month following as long as you have an active subscription. 
How do I make changes to my subscription?
You can easily make changes to your subscription, like updating your address or payment method, in your account portal.
Can I switch between the Fantasy Romance and Contemporary Romance boxes each month?

Yes! There is a "swap" option in your account portal. A few things to know about swaps:

Swaps only work if you have a subscription and aren’t an option for single box orders. 

If you swap, it swaps your subscription permanently. For example, if you had a Contemporary Romance box and swap for a Fantasy Romance box, you’ll be scheduled for Fantasy Romance boxes for all future months. You can always swap back, though!

If we sell out of a particular box during the month, the swap option will be turned off. So if you want to swap, we suggest doing it sooner rather than later so you don’t miss out.

Can I skip a month?
Yes, you can skip an upcoming month by clicking 'manage next order' in your account portal. There is no limit to the number of skips.
Can I pause my subscription?
Yes, you can pause your subscription for a maximum of six months in your account portal. When you pause, you will need to select a date within the next six months for your subscription to automatically resume. You'll receive an email notification prior to your subscription resuming.
How do I cancel my subscription?
We’ll be super sad to see you go, but you can easily cancel your subscription in your account portal at any time. If you’d like to share why you’ll be leaving us, or you have ideas on how we can improve, drop us a line at hello@pagesandplaylist.com.
Why did you adjust the price in May '24 for new subscriptions and single book boxes?

We launched Pages & Playlist last June '23 and have been so proud of the final product that we’ve been sending out to you for the past nine months. We’ve set a standard with ourselves and you readers, and it’s incredibly important to us that we continue to deliver on this promise long term—both in the books we are able to choose and in the thoughtful bookish items that go into each box.

We’ve also been excited to partner with a few wonderful authors on special box inclusions including signed books, book plates, collab playlists, and author-contributed art prints. We’re looking forward to offering even more of these special boxes in the future!

We’re so looking forward to our future boxes, and we’ve got some very special things planned for the coming months! This adjustment gives us the ability to continue featuring the incredible fringe-popular books and fun, quality merch additions in the book boxes to come.



When will my box ship?
All Pages & Playlist current month boxes (both subscriptions and single boxes) ship on the 10th of the following month. For example, if you order your box between July 1 and July 31, it will ship on August 10. *Note that in checkout, shipping says 3-4 days. That is the time it should take once shipped to be delivered to you.

If you order a past box: It will ship within 5 days of your purchase date. For example, if you order a past box on August 1, it will ship by August 6.
How much will I pay for shipping?
Shipping is free to you! Boxes will be shipped via the USPS and will have tracking information.
Do you ship to countries besides the U.S.?
Unfortunately, Pages & Playlist is currently only operating in the United States. We’ll be sure to announce any plans to expand beyond the States in the future.

Upcoming Boxes

I’m an author and I’d love my book to be considered for an upcoming box. What should I do? 
We’re thrilled that you’d like to be featured in a Pages & Playlist box! Please fill out this author interest form and we will reach out to you. You can also reach out to us at hello@pagesandplaylist.com to start the conversation.
Do you purchase the books to be included in the Pages & Playlist boxes?
Absolutely! Authors should be compensated for their work and we purchase the books we are including from a distributor or directly from the author.
I’m a maker and I’d love for my bookish merch to be considered for an upcoming box. What should I do?
We’re so excited that you’d like to be featured in a Pages & Playlist box! Please reach out to us at hello@pagesandplaylist.com to start the conversation.