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We’re making a list, checking it twice, and it turns out all of our main characters are naughty & nice! Which for us as romance book lovers is a very good thing. These reads are perfect for you to cosy up with this holiday season, snow or shine.

The fantasy romance book is a wildly fun retelling of the Nutcracker classic, complete with sugar, spice, and everything nice (especially the sultry Sugarplum Faerie). This one’s a delightful holiday escape to a magical fae land that will have you giggling and kicking your feet under your blanket.

The brand spankin’ (wink wink) new contemporary romance book brings all the holiday feels while also putting the X in X-mas .. you know what, let’s let the the book’s dedication speak for itself: To everyone who loves a good Hallmark Christmas movie, but wishes they would just rip each other’s clothes off already.

Grab your cup of cheer and check ‘em out below!

Our December Fantasy Romance pick:

A Court of Sugar and Spice by Rebecca F. Kenney

A Court of Sugar and Spice book

With their inheritance restricted until their marriage, sisters Clara and Louisa, both in their twenties, must live with their godfather Drosselmeyer. One night, an accident brings to life one of the strange wooden dolls in Drosselmeyer's mansion. The Nutcracker doll is a cursed Fae prince, and he pleads for the sisters' help.

During the ensuing journey into the Fae realm, Clara encounters the handsome Sugarplum Faerie, and he promises her the chance to enact all the forbidden fantasies she has dreamed of. Meanwhile Louisa and the Nutcracker Prince battle and bicker over everything, despite the growing attraction between them.

 And to make matters worse, the entire Seelie kingdom is under threat of conquest by the Rat King, ruler of the Dread Court. 

You can expect:

  • One bed / one reindeer
  • Two FMCs / MMCs (& double the spice)
  • Three words: "Only you, ever."

Content warnings:

  • Family death
  • Violence, gore, monsters
  • Blood
  • Sexual threat
  • Light bondage
  • Light CNC, primal play
  • Public sex
  • If there is a particular content theme that is triggering for you, we suggest doing additional research on the title to ensure your mental health.

Note: This box is not sponsored by the author.


Our December Contemporary Romance pick:

Christmas in Coconut Creek by Karissa Kinword

Christmas in Coconut Creek book

There are a few things Coconut Creek has that Pine Ridge does not. Palm trees, sandy beaches, butterfly museums — infuriatingly attractive special forces veterans.

When Colorado elementary school teacher Ophelia Brody decides to ditch her divorced family for a Christmas in the sunshine state with her college roommate, she doesn’t expect a mile high meet cute to tailspin the entire trip.

Frankie Casado is cocky, he’s presumptuous, he’s shameless — and he’s just the right distraction from her depressing, fruitless dating life back home for a few weeks. It just so happens the retired fighter pilot is in somewhat of a rut of his own, and the circumstances around their coincidental meeting and unavoidable physical attraction are the perfect excuse for a festive fling.

The rules are Ophelia teaches him how to date again, and Frankie shows her exactly what she should be demanding behind closed doors. Friends with benefits until the ball drops in the New Year.

But a little bit of long-lost Christmas magic just might find a way to stir up more than their complicated pasts.

You can expect:

  • ultimate meet cute
  • dating practice

 Content warnings:

  • Past trauma
  • Military accident recounted
  • Injury recounted
  • Parent's death recounted

Note: This box is not sponsored by the author.

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