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Our enemies to lovers theme for October is the ultimate spooky season vibe. And these two reads (which coincidentally both take place in Salem, Mass. - talk about maximum witchiness!) deliver on all the fall feels.

The dark fantasy romance book pick has a dark academia aesthetic and an even darker villain (slash love interest!). It has a unique magic system, vessels (vampires), and an incredibly memorable scene involving a desk.

The contemporary romance, which just released last month, brings both the banter and the mystery, all wrapped in a small town halloween aesthetic. Plus our main character’s favorite expletive is “hellfire”… which we appreciated and will certainly be adding to our own vocabulary from here on out.

Now, let’s meet the enemies!

Our October Fantasy Romance pick:

The Coven by Harper L. Woods

The Coven book


Raised to be my father’s weapon against the Coven that took away his sister and his birthright, I would do anything to protect my younger brother from suffering the same fate. My duty forces me to the secret town of Crystal Hollow and the prestigious Hollow’s Grove University—where the best and brightest of my kind learn to practice their magic free from human judgment.

There are no whispered words here. No condemnation for the blood that flows through my veins. The only animosity I face comes from the beautiful and infuriating Headmaster, Alaric Grayson Thorne, a man who despises me just as much as I loathe him and everything he stands for.

But that doesn’t mean secrets don’t threaten to tear the school in two. No one talks about the bloody massacre that forced it to close decades prior, only the opportunity it can afford to those fortunate enough to attend.

Because for the first time in fifty years, the Coven will open its wards to the Thirteen. Thirteen promising students destined to change the world. If the ghosts of Hollow’s Groves’ victims don’t kill them first.

 You can expect:

  • insta-lust
  • “Touch her and die”
  • forbidden romance

 Content warnings:

  • Dubious consent
  • Forced feeding
  • Graphic violence
  • Rough and explicit sexual content
  • Forced proximity
  • Betrayal
  • References to past abuse & traumatic reactions to triggering stimuli
  • Knife violence
  • Graphic depictions of blood
  • Physical harm inflicted upon the main character
  • Ritualistic murder
  • If there is a particular content theme that is triggering for you, we suggest doing additional research on the title to ensure your mental health.

Note: This box is not sponsored by the author.

Our October Contemporary Romance pick:

Bad Luck Charm by Julie Johnson

Bad Luck Charm book 


As owner of an occult shop in downtown Salem, Massachusetts she’s accustomed to all things odd and otherworldly. But when a bloody animal sacrifice is left as a warning outside her place of business, the police seem to think Gwen might be the target of some truly evil-doers. Suddenly, her sunny existence is riddled with danger in the form of crazed pagans, rogue employees, and nefarious henchmen. And there’s only one man who can protect her until the storm passes...


Not in his love life, and definitely not in his line of work. Despite the ever-present oddities of his hometown, the private investigator and acclaimed police consultant prides himself on staying objective in every case that comes across his desk. That all changes when Gwendolyn — a woman who gets under his skin like no other — finds herself in the crosshairs of dangerous criminals. Graham is determined to make her safe, even if her presence tests his steely resolve. But as their mutual dislike sizzles into unexpected attraction… he becomes even more determined to make her something else: HIS.

You can expect:

  • banter
  • “Who did this to you?"
  • alphahole who falls first

 Content warnings:

  • Ritualistic animal sacrifice
  • Kidnapping
  • Murder (off page, body discovery on page)
  • If there is a particular content theme that is triggering for you, we suggest doing additional research on the title to ensure your mental health.

Note: This box is not sponsored by the author.

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